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Discover how OxyTwister offer a new and different approach to wine enhancement!

Using natures own technology like a river floating, it structures the wine in a way thats similar to oxygenation.

OxyTwister simply improves scent, texture and the flavour of the wine to make it more pleasurable to the nose, tounge and mouth.

The enjoyment of wine is an allcompassing experience for you mouth and taste buds. The pleasure come from how your mouth an tounge sense and interpret the wine. The tip af the tounge senses sweetness, the mid section salinity and the side of the tounge acidity, whereas the section towards the back of the mouth senses bitterness. Last but not least, the inside of the cheeks and the gums senses the tannin. When you taste wine before and after pouring it through the OxyTwister, pay attention to your mouth and tounge, and you will taste and sense the difference.

OxyTwister is easy to use and prevents drops from happening.  The perfect gift for wine lovers!

OxyTwister is easy to clean, just flush it with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

We advise against cleaning the OxyTwister in a dishwasher.

Make your favorite wine even better with OxyTwister.

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