We are a 2016 based company called WorldTasteVision and we look for busines partners right now. You are either a wholesaler, import-company or online-seller with customers related to wine.

Our product OxyTwister was launched in 2007 with fantastic succes – more than 70.000 pieces sold.

Today we are the owners of the producing rights and have the moulds for producing this product and we want to launch it worldwide to all winelovers.

If you look for at very special product for your clients, this product is:

– Unique – we are the only company able to produce it
– easy to demonstrate and sell
– priced so you are able to make a reasonable profit
– new in the market and though a proven succes
– making most wine better at an affordable cost for the end-consumer

Feel free to give us a call and we will do our very best to answer all your questions.

Let’s make business together!

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